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Fruit Stand Favors For Demonstrator Support


Last week was Demonstrator Support Appreciation Week so many demonstrators from across the country (world actually) made and sent various gifts to our dear friends at Demonstrator Support.  We love the employees at Demonstrator Support because they help us in all sorts of ways.  If we have a question about anything, they are the ones who answer our calls and help us in all sorts of pinches.  Needless to say we get quite close to these employees.  There are sixty employees so I made the above favors for all of them.  Inside is two sea salt caramels and a tube of flavored lip balm.  A little note was also folded up and placed inside along with one card to display for all of the employees.  I did not want to tell you what it was for until I actually gave it and everyone had received theirs in case someone sees my blog.  It was to be a surprise and I certainly hope they were all blown away with everything that was sent.  So much fun doing for those we love!


Here below you will see the box filled with all sixty.  I got three favors out of one sheet of Fruit Stand Designer Series Paper.  I cut the paper 8" by 4" and folded it in half so it was a 4" square pocket.  The sides were then adhered together after adding the items.  Then the sentiment was added to the outside.  A flower, bow or other item could have been added, but I chose the sentiment.  It relayed my thoughts perfectly!


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