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Half Box How Tos


As I promised yesterday, I am going to show you the dimensions and how to for making the half box to hold cards.  The photo above shows another way for placement of the cards where they are on their side.  This way will not hold pens, although you could place some postage stamps in with the cards.  Below is a photo showing where to score lines you need to fold for the half box.  I used a 8 1/2 " by 11" sheet of Calypso Coral.


To make it even clearer, below shows the top half of the card stock.  The bottom half of cardstock is done the exact way.


The stitched lines are where you actually cut to fold in the sides.  Below is a photo showing where you fold the cut lines.


When folding the sides in, I like to fold the front of the box side over the back.  This allows for a finished look. 

Like I stated in the previous post, this half box is perfect for holding eight greeting cards and envelopes.  When I present it, I love to get a cellophane clear bag to put it in, tie a bow at the top and sometimes I fill it with shredded paper or add something else to it. 

This half box is a great box for many things.  I have used it to put soup mixes in along with a card for someone who is ill.  Cookies, dried fruit, nuts, candy or all sorts of items can be used for the box.  I would love to hear your ideas for filling the box because I know I have some extremely creative people in my audience.

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