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Falling In Love Designer Series Paper And One Of Colleen's Cards

More Amsterdam Photos And A Couple Of Swaps


Above was our boxed lunch during OnStage.  I loved the box and wanted to save it but knew it would just be a piece in my house I would not do anything with so took a photo.  Far less clutter which can accumulate quickly in my house.  It looked like the streets of Amsterdam so was a super special box.  Great fun, but the most fun was sitting at a table with demonstrators from England, Germany, Holland, France, Canada and the US.  What a great time!


Here is a great photo of Ginny Harrell who is in the Stampin' Flock Team.  It was so great having a member of my team in Europe this time.


Christina Walker who is also in the Stampin' Flock Team went with us the first night.  We went to an Indian restaurant since we do not usually get Indian food in Newnan, Georgia.  A great meal but even better with our two German friends who are also demonstrators.


We could not help but have fun standing in front of the Amsterdam structure.  A fun photo opportunity with great friends.


In thanks to Tanja Küber for swapping with me, the above was her swap.  I think it must have had a piece of chocolate or candy in it because it is gone.  I must have taken it out so I would not have such heavy luggage.  A cute favor that reminded me of a matchbook only better.  I am so glad Tanja swapped with me.

Below is a swap I received from someone but not sure who.  Maybe a German demonstrator because of the sentiment.  It has what looks like a tea bag in it, but even though I lived in Germany for three years and learned German, I have forgotten enough to read what is on the package so I will just assume it is tea until I use it and find out.  It again reminded me of a matchbook, but was closed with a tiny velcro closure.  Again a fun favor.  If the person who made this is in my audience, thank you for swapping with me.  I wish I could give  you credit.


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