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A Botanical Paper Pumpkin Theme

Little Card

I received my Paper Pumpkin box in the mail on Monday.  I opened it up right away since I could not stand it.  Oh my, how I love this kit!!!  The stamps will be great for use with so many things and I loved every one of the projects.  Super projects that I can use every single one of.  To make any kit go well, I would suggest some tips.  This can go for Paper Pumpkin or any project kits of any kind.  Here are my tips:

  1. Take everything out of the package and make sure you have everything you need.
  2. If there is more than one project in the kit, put each project materials together in different sections to make it easier to complete.
  3. Stamp each item that needs to be stamped for all the projects.  That way the ink can dry and you can wash your hands to complete the projects without worry of getting ink on anything.
  4. Not necessary, but if the project is a card or something small I like to put it in a clear envelope to keep it nice until used.

I completed these three projects while binge watching Dawson's Creek.  I am now in the third season.  I had never watched that show when it was popular, but I go to North Carolina to visit family where it was filmed so recognize many places in the show.  It was easy to complete after going through steps one to three ahead of time.  I completed it Monday evening.  Why I like Paper Pumpkin.  It goes quickly.

Large Card

All of the projects I made were done pretty much according to the photos.  I would look at the photo and copy. 

For You

The above project was a card that holds a gift card.  Perfect for me since I give out so many gift cards. 

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So beautiful Phyllis!
Love this kit and I am so excited about it and can not wait to create it myself!

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